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What are the differences between Thinner for cleaning and Thinner for mixing paint?

Washing thinner is generally used for paint cleaning in various industries that involve paint mixing, cleaning, or anything that interacts with paint. By understanding the usage of different kinds of thinner, you can choose the appropriate types of thinners according to your usage. With various types and qualities of thinner in the industry such as AAA, 2K, Acrylic, we will help you choose the right thinner for your job.

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Choosing the type of thinner based on the type of job

The first thing to consider in selecting a thinner type is the type of job because each type of thinner is different and not suitable for every job type. 

  • Thinner for cleaning

This is an inexpensive thinner that can be found in general hardware stores. Its properties include dissolving all types of paint and cleaning paint tools such as paintbrushes, spray guns, paint trays. This type of thinner has a high dissolving power.

  • Thinner for wiping off stains

It is used for efficiently wiping off various stains such as clean oil stains, grease, silicone, asphalt, and metal surfaces. It usually doesn’t have a pungent smell, is not irritating the hands, and does not corrode the workpiece’s plastic surface. This thinner is also not suitable for mixing with paint because it does not have enough strength to dissolve the paint.

  • Thinner for mixing paint

This is used to increase the viscosity of the paint and prevent paints from hardening at the bottom of the container when not in use. By mixing those paints with the thinner in the correct proportions, it can reduce the viscosity of the paint and the concentration of the paint, making it easier to apply smoothly and evenly.

Choosing the type of thinner based on the properties

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It is crucial to know the information or how to use the thinner as users must choose based on the properties of that particular thinner type to utilize in specific jobs.

Premium Grade Thinner

It is a high-quality thinner which is suitable for a wide range of jobs. This thinner is usually called Grade A thinner. The prominent features of premium-grade thinner include:

  • High gloss
  • Safe for users, no pungent smell, and does not irritate the skin 
  • Helps in even out the paint, giving a smooth and even finish 
  • Suitable for mixing general spray paints and all types of lacquers 
  • Cleans tools and equipment

Automotive grade thinner

When spraying automotive paint thinner, the results should include giving a high gloss, enhancing the dispersion of the paint, smooth surface, no cloudiness, safe for users, and not irritating the skin, which is suitable for spray painting jobs requiring special quality.

Thinners for cleaning and priming mix

Thinner formulated for cleaning, suitable for wiping, cleaning tools, and mixing for general primer painting. It can dry quickly, have no pungent smell, and are highly pure.


Choosing the right type of thinner and selecting it appropriately for the job will not only help complete the work quickly but also ensure the quality of the work. The content above is written to facilitate decision-making in a broad perspective only. You can inquire more information and detailed usage methods for correct applications at general chemical product suppliers.

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