Washing Thinner Interesting Facts

In many industrial applications, there is a part of the manufacturing process that requires paint as a key component in production operations. There are machines and tools used in the operation that must be in contact with the paint in transferring or spraying paints. However, after finishing the production in the process of using industrial paints, the next tricky problem is cleaning and maintenance of tools. This is when a washing thinner plays an important role for those machines to become clean for the next production.

What is Washing Thinner? What is its application?

Washing Thinner is a chemical produced for various industrial applications, especially for the cleaning of industrial paints or quick dry paint with chemical ingredients that are difficult to clean with general detergents. The property of a washing thinner is to corrode and dissolve the paint on the surfaces of various retaining materials of paint transmitters and transfers, such as paint circulation system, from the paint container, the paint pipe, the paint spray gun, to other industrial painting tools. All equipment in the industrial level is high quality and expensive including automatic machines in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, it’s inevitable to pay attention to every detail of their cleaning processes. 

Why Washing Thinner is important for the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, machinery and technology systems are the heart of manufacturing operations, where each process and each turn-on has a high operating cost. Hence, every production process must be uninterrupted including the process that has paint work involved. Production work that requires industrial paint as a main component includes automotive industry, autopart industry, motorcycle industry, and packaging industry. In addition, there are industrial paints used to coat the surfaces of factory structures and machines to strengthen their durability as well as extend their lifespan. Industrial paint washing thinner is one of the important parts that helps to keep the production tools clean and ready for the proceeding production.

Choosing the suitable  Washing Thinner  

The selection of chemicals to be used in industrial applications must be done carefully. It is essential to choose the chemical products that are of high quality and high efficiency in washing off industrial paints completely. Therefore, the choosing a washing thinner for industrial paints should be selected with the following special characteristics: 

  • Low odor, not a pungent smell. It may contain the smell of common chemicals.
  • Effective in washing away the paint with high color solubility.
  • Do not corrode or damage O-rings in industrial equipment.
  • Do not irritate the user’s skin.

Washing Thinner for Industrial Paint and Robotic System

1.  Washing Thinner for Industrial Paint

It is a thinner which is suitable for washing various industrial paints including fast-drying paints. The washing thinner is used for cleaning paints in paint circulation systems such as paint pipes and paint lines. 

2.  Washing Thinner for Robotic System

As many industries use robotic systems to perform the paint jobs in which the tools in the system are costly, the correct type of washing thinner must be applied for cleaning all parts of the robot. It should be attentively selected for each type of system in order to not cause any damage to the expensive production equipment. 


Washing Thinner from small to large scale

The quantity of washing thinner products can be in different sizes according to the usage in the manufacturing industry. The paint washing thinner package is available in various volumes from 3 KG. to 175 KG. depending on the industrial application.

Washing thinner is composed with various chemical compositions which must be applied with caution. If you require additional information or consultation on the washing thinner that is suitable for your industry usage, please carefully check the information and its application from reliable chemical manufacturers. 

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