Blending thinner to white paint substance.

Know Industrial Thinner: Types, Uses, and Applications

Thinner is a solvent that consists of various organic solvents mixed together to obtain properties suitable for specific tasks. Thinner is characterized by its clear color, high evaporation rate, and strong odor. It is commonly used for diluting paint, cleaning equipment, and coating surfaces for both household and industrial markets.

In this article, Twin Chemicals will introduce types of industrial thinners categorized by their usages and the proper methods of using thinners for paint mixing.

Types of Thinners by Usage

Paint Mixing Thinner

Paint mixing thinner is a commonly found thinner type. In industries, paints often have high viscosity to prevent settling when not in use for a long time, causing inconvenience when needing to spray or apply paint. Therefore, thinners are commonly used to dilute paint, reduce viscosity, and ease the painting or spraying process. Additionally, it helps achieve a smooth, even, and consistent color. Paint mixing thinners come in various subtypes, and it’s crucial to choose the one suitable for the job, such as:

  • Thinner for Lacquer 1k

Used to dilute lacquer 1k effectively, easing the paint application process.

  • Thinner for Lacquer 2k

High-quality industrial thinner typically produced according to the drying level of paint. It helps achieve a smooth, non-blurred color, coats against scratches, and adds extra glossiness. Commonly used in automotive industries and shipyards.

However, it’s essential to choose the appropriate thinner type when using it for cars to avoid contamination and unusual colors.

Thinner 2K mixed with paint for auto part.

  • Epoxy Mixing Thinner

This thinner type is an excellent solvent used for mixing paint to reduce the viscosity of the epoxy paint. It evaporates quickly and enhances the color’s glossiness.

  • White Spirit

White spirit is a thinner for slow-drying oil-based or alkyd paints. It’s an effective solvent typically used for painting, coating, and sometimes cleaning equipment.

Cleaning Thinner

Cleaning thinner, or equipment cleaning thinner, is cheaper than other types of thinners. They can dissolve various substances effectively, making them suitable for cleaning paints, greases, and oils. Nevertheless, industrial cleaning thinners are not suitable for cleaning or wiping workpieces as they may damage materials, especially plastics and rubbers. Popular thinners used for cleaning include Thinner AA and Thinner AAA.

Stain Cleaning Thinner

Stain cleaning thinner is commonly used to remove stains from surfaces such as paint or grease stains. They are non-irritating to the skin and do not damage materials, which are ideal for cleaning surfaces.

Besides choosing the appropriate thinner, it’s essential to learn the correct method of using paint mixing thinners:

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The Application of Paint Mixing Thinner

1. Prepare the Workspace and Thinner Mixing Equipment

Since thinners often have a strong odor, fast evaporation, and high flammability, it’s crucial to prepare a well-ventilated area and away from fire hazards. Additionally, protective equipment such as gloves and masks should be worn to protect against exposure.

2. Choose the Appropriate Thinner

Select a thinner that is suitable for the type of work. If cleaning equipment, choose a thinner designed for cleaning. Also, using the correct amount of thinner is important as using too little or too much can affect the final result.

3. Test the Thinner

After choosing the correct thinner type, perform a test on a small area to observe the results. If there are any issues, they can be addressed before starting the actual work.

In conclusion, understanding the different types of industrial thinners and their proper applications is essential for achieving optimal results in various tasks.

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